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21 Jun Artists to Look Out For

by Finley Krahn

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is honestly one of the best artists I’ve heard in a long time, as not only is he creative and offers a stream of unique music, but he’s so new that few know about him. It’s always a cool feeling listening to someone new and unheard of, and after listening to his music, you can tell that his obscurity won’t last too long. His new album “Who Killed Matt Maeson” has only 6 songs, but not one of the songs is poorly made as they’re all fantastic. The real challenge is comparing his music to other artists’, as it is incredibly unique.


Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves is a newer band with a bunch of singles and three albums to rock up your day. this band is from the UK, and to get popular as a new band out of the UK, you have to be quite unique. These UK rockers have a unique rock type of music, and are on the verge of forming a new branch of rock. If you just want some unique music, listen to this band. They can be compared to a heavier rock version of Twenty-one pilots, and offer a lot to any situation.


Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory is the king when it comes to chill music. All of his songs incorporate a small (or large on his new tour) orchestra that syncs perfectly with his music, making a truly beautiful and spine-tingling song. The man is very talented as a guitarist, and all his songs are unique in one way or another. His album covers are truly exceptional. The art behind them is just so interesting and corresponds so nicely with his music.

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